JFA Architects

LUX* Grand Gaube

  • General Hotel  Renovation
  • 4 Restaurants & Bar
  • 186 Suites
  • 3 villas
  • Wellness Centre
  • Completed in 2017

Project Overview

Nestled in an untamed natural backdrop, emblematic of Mauritius' north-eastern coast, the hotel has undergone extensive renovation, which included the stripping down and complete remodelling of common areas. Suites and villas have been extended and fully refurbished, while a new wellness and spa centre have been brought to life.

With large interior volumes, openings and views over the bare natural surroundings, the LUX* Grand Gaube is an invitation to a tropical escape. With a fine combination of curvy and symmetrical lines, and a bold interior decor, this five-star resort is a place, where sophistication and sheer beauty meet.

design development

Public Area Plan

Main Bar Section

spa treatment rooms

entrance door detail

Bar roof detail