JFA Architects

Salt Of Palmar

  • Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Pool & bar
  • new rooftop bar
  • completed in 2018

Project Overview

Nestled on the east coast of the island, SALT of Palmar is designed like a work of art, which makes it so unique. As a result of a close partnership between artist Camille Walala and JFA Interiors, the graphic decor is largely influenced by the Italian Memphis movement, and enhanced with vivid colours, which mirror the vibrant heart of Mauritius.

The Moorish-inspired architecture of the existing boutique hotel was refashioned into geometrical ensembles, leading to an ingenious mix of styles. Light shafts have been cut into the living areas' front walls and roofs to allow zenith light inside, while the 59 rooms are dressed up in the same distinct style as the rest of the hotel. The restaurant and the bar are now set up around the pool, offering a cosy meeting place and a new rooftop bar with ocean view.