JFA Architects

Our Story

Crafting Timeless Lifestyles

Since 1998, at JFA Architects, the ambition has been to design comfortable tropical living through contemporary spaces. Be it in leisure, commercial or residential projects, we think and rethink our projects to ensure that volumes are generous, lines are precise and style is unpretentious.

Meticulous Poets

Convinced that architecture has a heart and a soul, our architects unite their artistic talents and rational minds to bring life to their designs.

Identifying the ‘Genius Loci’

For us, it all starts with a sound understanding of the sites’ characteristics and constraints to identify what constitutes the sites’ ‘spirit’. This has given us the possibility to develop a strong expertise and track record in urban planning over the past 10 years.

In its 20 years of existence, our practice has provided full architectural services in 25 leisure projects, 15 residential projects, 20 commercial projects and full urban planning services in 25 urban planning projects.>